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    Our Mission, Vision & Value Statement

    Mission Statement

    Utilizing a multi-disciplinary approach, the Ontario Addiction Treatment Centres is committed to improve the lives of individuals living with the devastating effects of drug addiction, and lessening the adverse impact on families and society as a whole, through the provision of a range of harm reduction and supportive treatment modalities.

    Our Vision

    The Ontario Addiction Treatment Centres will be the recognized leader in the provision of high quality, innovative harm reduction and supportive strategies for individuals living with the devastating effects of drug addiction.

    Our Values

    Integrity – We take personal responsibility for ensuring the highest standards of professional conduct with each other and with our clients.

    Diversity – We celebrate the unique differences of all individuals and recognize their unwavering right to respect, dignity, fairness and equality.

    Innovation & Excellence – We are committed to continuous improvement by seizing opportunities to exceed expectations and achieve innovative outcomes.

    Partnership and Teamwork – We are commited to building and sustaining effective and harmonious relationships and connections with others in order to achieve mutually beneficial objectives.

    Life-long Learning – We view change as an exciting opportunity and embrace opportunities to acquire new knowledge and learn new skills.

    Client Centered – We are committed to providing accessible and relevant service to our clients in the communities where they live.