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    PART ONE –  creating job position page

    This page is a step-by-step instructional to provide wordpress site editors a consistent means to post job positions on the OATC website. A basic knowledge of the wordpress dashboard and the EDITOR TOOLBAR is needed to edit.

    The EDITOR TOOLBAR is the strip of editing buttons: B (bold), I (italics) ABC (strokeththrough) etc. These can only be seen in VISUAL mode (see tab to the right, above EDITOR TOOLBAR.) It’s best to do all editing in VISUAL mode. TEXT (HTML) is for code editing, and should only be selected if you are able to edit and format using html code.

    The following instructions are also broken out in two graphics which are shown below, and clicked to be viewed larger.

    1. Log into wordpress dashboard > Jobs Listing > Add New
    2. Title should be comprised of: the position, (dash “-”), clinic location
    3. Paste title into text field, set to Heading 1 (choose from EDITOR TOOLBAR: Paragraph > Heading 1)
    4. Paste entire job’s text into text field.
    5. Ensure format of job posting is consistent with all postings:
      The five sections to each posting: set as Heading 3 are as follows:
      About the Position
      Duties and skills required – use bullet points
      Employment Requirement – bullet points
      Compensation – bold wage & schedule,
      italicize: “ *** Wage increase…period***
      Location – reference & link to clinic page
    6. Add horizontal line to separate position description from standard qualifying text. like this one:

    7. Be sure to include the qualifying text which is standard, as is the link to the application form. copy from existing job position.
    8. BUT the only unique content below the job description is the unique Job ID#. be sure to include it.




    Job Data fields:

    • Location: *clinic’s mailing address (include city, province, postal code)*
    • Application Email or URL: httpss://www.oatc.ca/job-application-form/
    • Company Name: *leave blank*
    • Company Website: *leave blank*
    • Company Tagline: *leave blank*
    • Company Twitter: *optional*
    • Company Video: *leave blank*
    • Job Types (right column): choose between categories
      Clinic Support Staff
      Nurses (RPN/RN)