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  • Kenora Clinic

    308 2nd Street South, Kenora Ontario P9N 3X7


    Phone: 807-467-3103
    Fax: 807-467-3275


    Office hours

    Monday and Tuesday 8:00am
    – 2:00pm
    Wednesday 8:00am
    – 1:00pm
    Thursday 8:00am
    – 3:00pm
    Friday 8:00am
    – 2:00pm
    Saturday and Sunday closed



    Community programs

    Needle Exchange Program offered onsite, in partnership with the Northwestern Health Unit. Ask any of our staff for your confidential safe information or exchange today.

    Naloxone Overdose Response Program offered onsite, in partnership with Northwestern Health Unit. What is Naloxone? Naloxone is a lifesaving medication that can quickly restore the breathing of a person who has overdosed on heroin or prescription opioid pain medication. Contact our staff to arrange for further information or your training and kit today.


    Kenora is a small city situated on the Lake of the Woods in Northwestern Ontario, close to the Manitoba boundary, and about 200 km east of Winnipeg. The name, “Kenora”, was coined by combining the first two letters of Keewatin, Norman and Rat Portage.

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